It’s Not a Fad. It’s Food Freedom.

Welcome to the Wine & Cheese Diet! Grab a glass, a hunk of cheese heaven, and let your journey begin. I started this blog after finally recovering from a twenty-year eating disorder and sharing my story in a painfully-humorous memoir. Being an over-achiever, my warped self set out to succeed at every disorder possible—anorexia, to exercise bulimia, to full-blown daily bulimia—for years. Fun fact: I ate (what I thought was fat-free) butter spray until I turned Oompa Loompa orange. So, I write to say: “Don’t be me! Be a much better you!”

I was surprised to find that writing about my realizations and recovery unearthed a strong desire in my soul to help others, who may be slipping down the same dark path I skidded down, by exposing the hilarious futility of dieting in the extreme. By sharing my love of food, humor, and a healthy body, I hope I can make you laugh, see, change, cry, and heal if you need it.

Feel free to start anywhere. I post a lot of fun stories, insights, recipes, food tips, and humorous tidbits here to inspire, entertain, enlighten, and hopefully help any of you who struggle with food and loving your body. If you feel that in any way describes you, even in the slightest, I hope you will read my story and stop yourself from traveling down the dark and debilitating road I traversed for so many years.

You can start my blog from the beginning by reading my first blog post—Let’s Take the Word “Diet” Back. Or, just check out the recipes and other fun posts at your leisure. Whatever you do, please reach out to me if any of this content touches you. The many hours I put into this blog are fueled by people who write to me and tell me the impact my writings and book have had on their lives. I hope that will someday be you. Until then, read on my friend.

Enjoy your wine! Savor your cheese. Sip, nibble, and let it all soak in!

— Callie