My Favorite Time of Day

I know it’s not going to surprise you to know that my favorite time of the day is the time when I start sipping on wine and nibbling on cheese. But that’s not the entirety of the reasons why it is my favorite. Continue reading “My Favorite Time of Day”

Humor Heals

“The minute you can start to laugh about it …” I had always heard people say, but I did not grasp the power of that statement until it finally dawned on me. That is when you start to heal. Humor. Laughter. That is where it all started for me. It was my strength all along, but I just didn’t realize it.

Clearly, I am an eating disorder survivor. It is the entire reason for this platform and blog, and the reason I feel compelled (energized really!) to write all of these mini revelations down and share them with you, because they empowered me. Maybe you are just looking for a better diet, trying to build a better relationship with exercise and food, or whether you (I hope not, but perhaps like me) went that far and messed yourself up when it comes to eating that much. No judgment here. I did it. But I want to give you one tool that helped me mend my approach to food: Continue reading “Humor Heals”

Gurgle: A Little Rumble on Breakfast

I’ll be honest; I have no idea what it is. Is it gas moving around? My intestines shrinking? (Or rolling or wrapping around on themselves?) Is it a gerbil trying to get out? That’s sometimes what it sounds like. But, we’ve all had it happen. Often at work, during a painfully-silent meeting where your tummy has decided to take center-stage.


The first time it happens, often no one will comment. I mean, it’s a normal thing. Like a cough or a sneeze. Not a big deal. By the second gurgle, a co-worker might say “Man, did you miss breakfast?” or something to that effect. But by the third or fourth or fifth, it just starts to get awkward, and people start handing you muffins. Continue reading “Gurgle: A Little Rumble on Breakfast”

Why Wine? Why Cheese?

The simple answer is because you eat them slowly. You eat them socially. And, they are far too good (and expensive) to gobble down callously. Frankly, I adore the French and have a love affair with wine and cheese. I am confident I could live a fairly healthy life on just wine and cheese and a small pile of vegetables alone. Well, and peanut butter. I must have peanut butter. And, maybe some water. That, too. But, that one’s optional. Continue reading “Why Wine? Why Cheese?”

Let’s Take the Word “Diet” Back

Let me start with where it all began for me—the decision to go on an extreme diet. This was a choice I made in a moment I was scared and hurt and felt fat, hideous, and out of control. I believed that being skinny would put me in control and guarantee me a happy life. Continue reading “Let’s Take the Word “Diet” Back”